Die AG Animationsfilm war mit einem Podium zu Gast bei der animago 2015 in Potsdam. Am 16. Oktober 2015 fand das Gespräch zu Möglichkeiten der Animation in Deutschland von 12:00-13:00 Uhr statt, bei dem über Kurzfilmförderung, Animation und Werbung und die Möglichkeiten in der Gamesindustrie gesprochen wurde.

Auf dem Podium saßen Mate Steinforth von Sehsucht Berlin, Katy Peichert von WOOGA, Berlin Berlin und Jonathan Webber von The Big B Animation, Berlin.

Moderiert wurde das Podium von Annegret Richter von der AG Animationsfilm.


Made in Germany! How to keep talents and productions in the country and make the animation scene grow

With many film schools and animation departments, Germany has the best requirements to generate a vivid and creative animation scene. However, every year graduates have to face the reality of not being able to work and earn money with animation in Germany. This is due to missing commissions, decreasing financing, problematic co-production issues and many other difficulties.

Is there a chance for animation made in Germany? What does it take to keep the talents, the production and the value adding process at home? At the panel we want to exchange ideas and opinions on how to nourish the German animation production structure.

Moderation: Annegret Richter (Managing Director AG Animationsfilm)