DEADLINE FOR ONLINE APPLICATION: Friday 28th November 2014 at 12:00 (noon)


Do you have an animated documentary short film in development? Is it ready to go into production early 2015? If you have the motivation, the skills, and the film idea, The Animation Workshop has the means to make it come alive!

Residency program for the production of animated documentary short films. Building on the already existing Artist Residency at The Animation Workshop, AniDox Residency will make it possible for one animated documentary short film of high artistic quality to be produced in 2015. The Animation Workshop will host the production and provide studio facilities, workstations, housing for the director, production support as well as financial support.
Production is expected to start in January 2015 with a premiere in January 2016.
The Animation Workshop provides:
  • Studio facilities
  • 2 workstations with relevant software
  • Technical support
  • Housing for the director
  • Production support
  • Financial support for materials and as salaries which amounts to 275.000 DKK (approx. 37.000 EUR). The amount is subject to change and depends on the Aarhus 2017 grant.


Application procedure:
Application deadline: Friday 28th November 2014 at 12:00 (noon).
Please submit your application through the online form:
You have to provide contact information, a project proposal and your motivation for applying, annexes/additional material.
You should attach any material you have that will help to describe your project. It can be artwork, scripts, character sheets, storyboards/animatics, references or whatever.
Please also attach:

  • A short CV and/or a filmography. You have to include a full professional CV.
  • A production schedule for your animated documentary, as detailed as possible
  • A budget for your project, also as detailed as possible, as well as a financing plan


Selection process:
A selection board consisting of staff from The Animation Workshop and an external consultant will perform a qualitative analysis and assessment of the submitted project proposals on the basis of a number of parameters:
  • The story and angle of the film
  • The visual side of the project.
  • How clear and precise the description of the project is
  • How realistic the budget and schedule are.
  • Motivation: Since animation is a lengthy process it requires a strong driving force.
  • Level of experience.
  • Technical and artistic feasibility.
For more details, please contact Michelle at:
More Information: