IV International Academic Forum on Animation

ANIMA2015 – VIII Córdoba International Animation Festival

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

10, 11 & 12 September 2015


Organized by:

Experimental Centre of Animation, Faculty of Arts, National University of Córdoba

Animation Chair, Academic Institute of Human Sciences, National University of Villa María


In every edition of ANIMA the Organizing Committee defines a main topic around which the academic forum is organized. The first festival –in 2001– focused on the problematics of independent animation; nearly fifteen years later we again consider relevant to focus on the situation of independent animation.


We have thus established as organizing topic of the IV International Academic Forum on Animation: “The State of independence”, a phrase that we borrow from Vangelis, Donna Summer and Otto Alder. We think of independence as a state, as a way of being, as a political mode that flows through our lives as actors in the field of animation. Numerous questions arise then: What do we understand by independent animation, here and now? Is independent animation just one of a kind, or is it a phenomenon that happens in different ways? What is the independence / dependence of the animated form compared to the other forms in the contemporary audiovisual landscape? What changes on this state of independence have been brought by technological achivements? Is it possible to teach how to be independent in animation?


With the intention of meeting and discussing multiple perspectives about these questions, and about others that may arise, we invite teachers and researchers to take part in the IV International Academic Forum on Animation with the presentation of papers and posters. The Forum will take place in the context of the VIII International Festival of Animation of Córdoba, ANIMA2015, from 10th to 12th September 2015.


Those interested in taking part, both with posters or papers, should send a 600-word abstract (English and Spanish) along with three keywords (English and Spanish) through the following online FORM.


Note: reference in the body of the Abstract are not admitted.

Deadline for abstracts: May 15, 2015


Selection, presentation, and publishing of papers

Abstracts will be subject to evaluation by a Reading Committee that will decide on their admission. The results of this evaluation will be informed from 1st June 2015 onwards. On the presentation day at the Academic Forum, exhibitors (both of papers and posters) will hand in the definitive work under the following guidelines.

Accepted papers will have 15 minutes for their presentation. We therefore suggest to those presenters who wish to read their papers, to also write a short version that may fit into the schedule (approximately 5 pages). The posters will be displayed during the Forum. Exhibitors need to be in front of their works, at the times indicated by the organizers, to report on the contents of the panel and/or distribute flyer or other informational material. Abstracts of these works will be included in the Proceedings Book of the Forum.

Works effectively exposed during the Forum that meet all formal criteria will be subsequently sent to external reviewers, who will decide on their publication


Fees 2015

All fees ar in Argentine pesos
Participantss $350
Attendees (with certification) $120
Students (with certification) $30



Papers by two or more authors will pay $180 per person (up to 3 exhibitors)

Fees for assistants and students should only be paid in case of required certification.

For more information please contact:
Web: http://www.animafestival.com.ar/forum/home-2/


Organizing Committee
ANIMA2015 Academic Forum

ANIMA2015 c/o Centro Experimental de Animación
Facultad de Artes
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Pabellón México, Ciudad Universitaria
5000 – Córdoba