Vom 28.2.2018 bis 4.3.2018  von 10-18 Uhr findet in der ifs Köln ein Schnupper- Weiterbildungskurs für Houdini statt. Die Veranstaltung gibt den Teilnehmern die Möglichkeit sich selbst mit den Grundlagen vertraut zu machen und das Programm zu verstehen. Die Anmeldung erfolgt über ein Anmeldeformular auf der Website des ifs.

»Introduction to Houdini«
Workshop by Lecturer Suryanshu Rai

»Introduction to Houdini« is aimed at visual artists who have none to beginner level know ledge of Houdini and want to understand, in a structured way, how to start learning this powerful system. The course is run over one week and gives the participants a deep understanding of core concepts required to effectively work with FX in Houdini.

After finishing this module, the participants should:
have a thorough understanding of node based, non-destructive workflow // have a basic understanding of the core skills of computer graphics, mathematics and programming required for working in Houdini // know industry standard »good-practices« for working in Houdini // have a good understanding of Houdini’s core architecture and contexts // be able to navigate freely in the UI and know the various tools and Windows available // be able to carry out basic tasks like modelling, unwrapping, animating, lighting etc. in Houdini // understand procedural modelling system // understand what is a Digital Asset. Should be able to install and uninstall external assets // be able to make own Digital Assets // be able to design a robust user Interface for the Digital Asset // understand the basics of simulation in Houdini // be able to do a simple destruction shot using a proper production pipeline // be able to light and render their work in Mantra Software: Houdini 16 (Apprentice version of Houdini is available for free download from the sideFX website.)