OVERTOON Studios is looking for an 2D animator to work with us in Freiburg, Germany. We are a young uprising animation studio
in south germany producing animated music videos, concept art and visual development for the entertainment industry and
animation videos for various companies.

The requirements are pretty straight forward: atleast two years experience in the animation industry, the ability to adapt to all kind
of illustration styles, experience in Toon Boom Harmony or similar 2D animation softwares and living in or around Freiburg.
The position can be full time or part time, starting from 60%. Good knowledge of the german language is a plus,
particularly for lip sync scenes for example because most of our clients are german. We are aiming for
a good work-life balance, therefore most of us work seven hours a day.

We produced 15 music videos over the course of the last two years and have 5 years of experience working in the animation industry but
with your skills and experience we want take the next step, improving and expanding the art styles we can offer and pushing
the level of character animation and 2D vfx animation to the next level.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our studio and working with you.