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Robert Seidel: Projections, Installations and Films



„Seine Filme wollen die Grenzen von Schönheit und emotionaler Wahrnehmung mit visueller Technologie austesten. Seidel schichtet verschiedene strukturelle, räumliche und zeitliche Konzepte und schafft so eine sich langsam entwickelnde Komplexität. Diese Art narratives Skelett füllen die Zuschauer mit ihren eigenen Erinnerungen und schaffen so einen Mix aus Erinnerung und Kunstwerk.“ (Zitat: Phase3 2011 – Archiv des BR)



Seidel’s work “is an immersive experience, a sensuous dip into light, color, movement, sound and change” Los Angeles Times 

Seidel, who studied at the Bauhaus University Weimar, creates video installations, media façades and experimental films. Seidel pushes the boundaries of abstraction to the sublime and organic through his approaches drawn from scientific visual analysis and digital extensions of painting and sculpture. The DVD collects his major films, videos and documentation from his projections and installations from 2001 to 2014. 

„Robert Seidel’s work is organo-tech. He does not deliberately imitate the pioneers of abstract cinema, and is a world away from the motion graphic mayhem of many of those enamoured by digital animation. His work is impressionistic, melding biological and emotional currents. Technically accomplished, the greater achievement is in what it can do to our senses. It can be emotional and epic, but also draw out intimacy, and suggest insights into the human condition.“ (Matt Hanson, media futurist and author of The End of Celluloid)


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