William Kentridge / Handspring Puppet Theatre

zu sehen im

BOZAR Theatre in Brüssel am 11./12./13.Dezember


A remake of a 1997 production based on evidence given to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and on the archives of the Commission, dealing with violations of human rights under the apartheid regime in South Africa, and on Ubu Roi, the power-mad hero of the French playwright Alfred Jarry’s work of the same name. The characters are played by strikingly beautiful puppets and by Busi Zokufa and Dawid Minnaar, two actors from the original cast. The production also includes animated film and excerpts from documentaries, both by William Kentridge. The writer Antjie Krog and the choreographer Robyn Orlin contributed to this revamped version.


Trailer: Ubu and the truth commission